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We’ve had some great feedback and we’d love to hear how your day went. Feel free to contact us with ideas on what could have been useful, it helps us make improve and lets the fundraisers know that we made a difference to your day.

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful beach hut today. It's Sam's 14th birthday and this is so special.

Big Kisses sent to Ells xxx

The Challenger Family 23.07.16"

"Thank you so much for giving our family a wonderful holiday. When we are away and the sun is shinning we can pretend everything is fine.

A beautiful charity where Ellie's spirit lives on at the amazing beach hut."

"We had the best day here today. The sun has shone and the boys have played with every single toy.

Thank you so much, Ellie's Beach Hut is a very special place.

" Wonderful time with all our family. Beautiful sunshine, thank you for letting us share your very special place. Sending love and thoughts to you all. Gorgeous weather on this special day at Ellie's Beach Hut. lovely to spend the day with our family. Thinking of Ellie's family too.xx

' Thank you for the use of Ellie's Beach Hut. Andrew and I brought Jaime down here and he loved it as did we. Such a special place."

" Thank you so much for letting us use your beautiful beach house.

Dedicated to a very special young lady."

 We had a fabulous time at the beach hut particularly as the weather has been superb.

We've been body boarding and had a takeaway on the beach for supper. The nicest, most relaxing day we've had for a long time.

Thank you everything Ellie.

" Thank you so much for today, it was a wonderful way to spend our twins birthday. We had a great time.

" Thank you for lending us the hut and sharing your lovely spot with another local charity.

Much love Honey's Bravery Bags."

" A big thank you for arranging our 'Our little holiday' at one of our favourite places 'the beach'. It's been wonderful to feel 'normal' for a few days, making precious memories for the future. The best thing was seeing my boys happy and having fun after months of worry.

We were able to finally enjoy the sunshine and be carefree and relaxed, something that I was sure I would never see again."

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