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‘ Make the best time of your worst time’

Take a little Lodge, a Hot Tub & a BBQ, a place for the whole family to enjoy, ready equipped, Parks, Woodland Walks, Golf (or at least pitch n putt), A Restaurant, Shop & Entertainment if you want it.

Setting:-. We live in a beautiful location and want to make the best of it so a naturally beautiful, relaxing and calm environment, glorious countryside and wild coastlines

Getting away from it all doesn’t have to mean being far away – you can have the benefits of getting away 20 minutes up the road. If the setting is right you will feel a sense of well-being and relaxation, spending it with just who you want to , your family & friends.

Referrals can be made by your CLIC Sargent Nurse or Social Worker, Consultant Pediatrician, School Senco, Specialist Nurse and will be subject to meeting our criteria, availability and have a maximum budget per family.

You also don’t want to be too far from your usual medical team, the reassurance this gives helps with the relaxing part, knowing if something changes while your away, it’s not far from the medical staff that know you for local families.

Postponements not cancellations. Being on and off treatment is unpredictable, your life’s on hold and so is your families.   Planning nice things is generally something you stop planning for, avoiding disappointments, when a trip that may never materialise. So you stop just when you need something to look forward to you just stop planning.

Our service will be as flexible as you need it to be, plan your stay as much as you like, if things change than so will we, we just move the date after all, it’s not the date it’s the moment!

Guilt free Zone. Being the person who causes the unpredictability of life is a huge burden to bear particularly between siblings. Ellie’s place will be a place where that can disappear even for a few days. Choosing a place that has all the fun for the family will be crucial to, if the poorly person isn’t up to doing much, the family can still enjoy the surroundings and have a good time.

Community. As well as being a place for together times for families during a ‘well’ spell, in-between treatments, when the news is not good, or a last time together time, we want other organisations to use the lodge for Well-being days, Family liaising, Complimentary treatments, meeting a Bereaved family & Counselling sessions.

The situations families will be referred will ripple through the whole community. We want very much for the lodge to be used by other Charities and Organisations that help make things better or more bearable. Creating a community hub, after all the community have done all the hard work and made this possible with their fundraising & generosity

Our information will be sent to Care for Kids ND, ChemoHero, Cancer Relay, CLIC Sargent Team, Families in Grief (FIG), CHSW & ND Hospice. Contact us if your organisation would like more information or be added to our list when our vision is a reality.

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