Our 1st Year

22nd May 2016

Our 1st Year

You’ve been a huge support to us and we’ve been totally blown away by everyones generosity this year and wanted to keep you up to date with whats gone on and our plans.

Initially as you know we were looking to raise funds to keep the Beach Hut going to support our young community who found themselves on the unexpected Cancer journey.

Thanks to you all, we’ve raised in excess of £20K so have had to set our goal much higher and extend our services to help the young community that maybe either suffering themselves with Cancer or have a parent or main carer with a similar diagnosis.

Long Term Vision

The geographical area of North Devon is vast and most specialist hospitals treating a cancer patient mean a 1-3 hours travelling time. When it comes to utilising well-being activities the last thing a patient wants to do is make that same journey.  There are no support centres in this area, yet the need is great so North Devon are really going to benefit from having a place of relaxation and time to spend together.

So our dream now is to keep fundraising to build/buy a Woodland Lodge, beautifully decorated, in a great location where others can have a perfect week just like we did, together time, but keeping the Beach Hut at the heart of it all to compliment.

Somewhere to provide longer together time for the ever growing population that find themselves having the worse time, a place that can be accessed and enjoyed by the whole family even if the poorly person isn’t up to much – to watch enjoyment, gives fulfilment.

Together we can make this happen, make a difference and enjoy the reward of helping someone make the best time of their worse time.

To those that have:


Baked Cake – Bought Cake – Ate Cake

Run for Miles & trained for weeks

Scrabbled through Mud……Lots of it

Bought Raffle Tickets

Shouted BINGO

Grew your Beard / Shaved your Beard / Shaved someones Beard

Raced your Dog / Trained your Dog

Dressed up & partied / Just Dressed up for a funny photo

Played Football / Kitted out the players

Cooked Hotdogs – Bought Hotdogs – Ate Hotdogs

Popped your loose change in the collection pots

Donated prizes

Given something up

Logo’d our uniform

Given us uniform and running bibs

Donated Ice Creams

Given up your birthday pressies

Donated your winnings

Given a parking space

Cooked Curry – Bought Curry – Ate Curry

Simply donated your money or / and your time

Shared our many Face book posts

Tweeted / re tweeted

You’re all amazing and we want to THANK YOU for your fantastic support in helping us so far.

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