About Us


The Charity was originally set up in memory of our daughter Ellie, who we lost her in March 2015 to secondary Leukaemia Relapse aged 16, following a 2 year battle with Teenage Cancer.

Ellie enjoyed the simple things in life, lots of fun family times on the Beach, body boarding with her friends, horse-riding, swimming, walking her dogs and watching them in the sea whatever the weather, she went on to have a great passion for Dog Agility at which she excelled and continued to do when she was fit enough during her treatment.

In October 2013, after finishing treatment for the first diagnosis, ours and 4 other families booked a celebratory 2 week holiday to Spain for the following year; Ellie would have been well on the road to recovery and back to full health.  Sadly a few days before Christmas that same year, Ellie was taken into hospital with an infection and given the news that she had developed secondary Leukaemia.

With a 2 ½ year treatment plan ahead of us any holiday abroad would be out of the question and we had to cancel.

Instead Ellie & I were lucky to enjoy a week’s stay at Finlakes, South Devon with the help of the Torbay Holiday Helpers organisation which is a network of businesses each giving something to make a full packed week, Ellie didn’t feel up to utilising all we could have, and spent the 2 weeks after in hospital with an infection, but we had a fantastic time regardless just being together in a lovely location.

Facing terminal illness, Ellie remained very graceful & grown-up, her goal was to have a landmark in her name and ‘The Beach Hut’ seemed the obvious choice.

Our friends & family had a let’s do it moment – between us we could do a couple of cake sales and few BBQ’s between us each year and keep up the rental and the fundraising began to secure a long term Beach Hut rental at Saunton Sands Beach, nothing glamorous, just a beautifully painted shed in one of Ellie’s favourite places, most importantly on a beach that allowed dogs all year round! We feel it’s a haven and that you will too,

It was Ellie’s wish that this beach hut be enjoyed by people in similar situations, Ellie wanted people to enjoy and create lasting memories that will last a lifetime, as we did as a family – bringing a bit of sunshine to an otherwise gloomy time, our beach hut is everything Ellie, natural and beautiful.