About the Beach Hut


For many patients on treatment, their life becomes very unpredictable and health can change in a moment, this makes planning fun times difficult and often brings disappointment when plans have been made, high temperatures have a habit of coming at the wrong time!

There is no missing out on your day at The Beach Hut, if your plans change then so do ours; you just re-book when well again. There are no disappointments, just postponements.


  • The Beach Hut which is available Easter through to October is fully equipped with body boards, picnic table, deck chairs & BBQ. There’s buckets & spades, balls & skittles and ready for a family effected by Cancer & related issues, to turn up with a picnic and enjoy the day.


  • The Saunton Beach Shop has provided a parking pass and the Beach Café free Ice-cream for visitors.


  • The Beach Hut can be booked by contacting us on Facebook or email, our website is being built at the moment or find details from your CLIC Sargent Nurse, Specialist Nurse or social worker.


  • There is no limit to the amount of times people can use it


  • It can be used by anyone from the South West.


Our mission is to provide Children with life threatening illness such as Cancer & Leukaemia or those parents/guardians with dependent children diagnosed with a similar condition quality time in a simple but beautiful setting that makes a day away feel like a holiday. Making the best time of your worst time!


Spending time with family & friends and most importantly your 4 legged friends – ‘Everything Ellie’ would be doing given the chance.